Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Where Does Time Go?? And Why Doesdn't It Wait For Me?

I wonder sometimes if I would really know what day it was if I weren't a Preschool Teacher! Every morning my eight 3 year olds dutifully put a new date on the classroom calendar......and at least two days out of the week, I realize that I have something else going on after school that I've forgotten about! It could be a doctor's appointment, but it could be a basket order that I need to start or ship or contact the customer about a question on the order.....OR.....if it's like this week, it's a family birthday! This is our official Birthday Week! My oldest son, Sean had his birthday on Monday (Feb. 25), today is my sister Di's (, not age!), tomorrow is my stepson, David's and we finish the week with my grandson, Jacob's 6th birthday on Saturday, March 1st! OK MY......does that ever make me feel old!