Thursday, August 10, 2006

The First Weavings

I've put off establishing my own blog long enough! It's time to share my thoughts and web site with others on the web! I've been a basket weaver since I was a small child. My Mother enjoyed weaving and often took part in arts shows where she demonstrated her craft to others. She taught me how to weave when I was in Girl Scouts so I could earn my Basketry badge. I sort of "forgot" about it until I was older, married, and had children. It seemed like I always needed gifts for people and somehow, the money wasn't always there to go out and buy something. Then........I started weaving baskets for them and, not only found them thrilled with the gift, but also asking me to sell them baskets they could use for gifts. weaving business was born! Since I live in North Carolina and love the Tarheels........Carolina Weaver seemed like the perfect name for my business and web site. Even last name actually IS Weaver! How perfect is that? Please stop by I hope to continue to post updates to my web site and also musings and mind weavings about my life!