Sunday, February 15, 2009

Spring Planning Time

I guess it's time to end my "unofficial" winter break from weaving and get to work on items for Spring crafts shows and Spring holidays, ie, Easter, Mother's Day and Father's Day.

Recent orders seem to be following the theme of functionality, rather than baskets to just have sitting around the house looking pretty! Casserole Baskets, Remote Control Baskets and Shopping Tote Baskets seem to be in the most demand so these are what I'll be working on for the Spring shows.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall Decorating

Have you noticed how many people are now decorating their homes for Fall? Wreathes of colored leaves are showing up on doors and scarecrows and pumpkins adorn the front porch and yard.

My handwoven Indian Corn, complete with real corn husks, make a delightful decoration on your table or shelf or tie several together and display on your front door. Best of all.......they last for many years, unlike the real thing! They are also lovely displayed in one of my Handwoven Cornucopias! See these and more in the "Seasonal" section of my website


Friday, August 29, 2008

It Can't Be Fall Already!

Where did summer go? It can't be almost over......but if it's not, why am I back teaching school already??!!

At least the summer gave me some time to work on new designs. Please visit me and my friends at A Time For Primitives for some really fun Halloween and Fall goodies.

New items are posted monthly. The September site promises to be especially "Halloweeeeny"!

Here's a preview of what you'll find on my September page..........

WoW! I Won An Award!

Thanks so much to Liza from Skunk Hollow Country Store for nominating me for the Primitive Excellence Award!

Now I need to nominate 7 more sites.

Susan at Rabbit Hollow Prims

Mica at Garboodles

Kristina at Lucky Star Candles

Donna at Moonchild Primitives

Kaf at Old Cape Primitives

Pamela at Back in the Day Primitives

Phillane at Peapickers Primitives

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Going Green!

Like many people, I've decided to try to cut down on the number of those plastic grocery bags that accumulate in our home. I tried one of the "store brand" green shopping bags and found it worked wonderfully when I was picking up a few things at the grocery store, as long as my shopping trip didn't include things like milk or juice cartons or eggs or anything else that needed more stability. What does a basket weaver do when she needs a more "custom" container? Of course.............she designs one to meet her needs! My new Green Grocery Basket is 15" long by 6" wide by 10" tall. With wrap around webbing handles, it's sturdy enough to carry all those items that would fall over in a regular bag. I even use it to do my shopping in the store! I have it

made up in shades of blue and also in earth tones.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Fantastic New Site

Please, please, please pour yourself a cup of coffee and visit some fantastic, eclectic artisans at a wonderful, new web site that I'm involved with. A Time For Primitives is new, fresh and fun!

Visit us at

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I've Been Tagged!!

What fun! A very creative group of friends is playing tag.....and they tagged me! Somehow, this seems like what I witness daily at the Preschool where I teach!
It seems that when you're "tagged" you need to include in your Blog 5 things about yourself. It's a fun way for people to learn a little more about you and to get your blog and business name out to more people.

Soooooo here goes!

1. I may be the "Carolina Weaver", but I was born and raised in southwestern Pennsylvania (actually about 5 miles from where the plane crashed on 9/11.)

2. It seems like I've taught school all of my life.....from Preschool to Kindergarten and Second Grade to Undergraduate and Graduate level courses for the Department of Defense!

3. Like many, I seem to be on a perpetual diet......but this time I'm changing my eating habits and have been losing a steady pound a week. Not earth shattering.....but easy to maintain.
Now.....someone get these chocolate Easter eggs out of my house!

4. If I could spend a day camped out in front of a TV set and not have to do anything else.....I'd spend the day watching sports, especially basketball and football! (Most especially, University of North Carolina!)

5. While I sometimes spend time cursing the computer and the time I spend on it.........I can't imagine life without it! How else could I have ever met so many truly fantastic people from all over the world!

NOW........I need to tag 5 more people to continue this game. It's a fun way to get to know each other a bit better.
I think I'll tag:

JoAnn at
Debbie at
Caren at
Jill at
Pat at

Have fun "tagging" your friends!